A decision

    This last week or so I have done a good bit of thinking (especially over vacation in conversations with my friend Rachel) and I am at the point of making one significant decision in my life… what kind of lifestyle I want to live after graduation (or maybe what kind of lifestyle do I want to work towards in the present moment).

    There’s a lot of good things about urban living (especially if one lives in a colorful neighborhood… i.e. South Austin, Little Saigon in OKC, etc.); lots of cultural opportunities, access to good books and media, etc… but despite those good points, urban living is not for me.

    And I know the suburbs isn’t the place for me. My one year living in a yuppie suburb of Austin was ****, and my time now spent in a rural town that is rapidly morphing into a suburb is wearisome to the soul (it’s like seeing something beautiful die all of the time… plants, trees, creeks, farmlands, all being lost so that unimaginative homes can be built, homes that folks who lived here all of their lives can’t afford).

    So, that leaves the country. I can’t move there yet (I got school and work tying me down here) but I’m going to start working towards my goal of living on a farm now, so that when I graduate and pass the bar I can live out what I believe. I don’t know yet what that will look like (mostly because who knows whether I’ll be single or married by then?), maybe I’ll just live by myself out in the middle of nowhere with a small farm to tend (maybe raising organic produce or grass-fed cattle), or maybe I’ll live in a cooperative kind of situation (one idea we’re talking about in the local green party chapter here), but I know the country is where I want to be. (What would be really cool is to move back to my grandparents’ old farm at Pine Ridge, OK.)

    And of course I’ll still probably practice law. There’s plenty of cheap commercial space to rent in small towns (most of the old downtowns are full of empty business space to rent) and if my prices were cheap enough folks would be willing to drive in from out of town for legal help.

    Anyway that’s the plan right now. I think it’s a good goal to work and pray towards.