It’s time to wake up

    I haven’t talked much politics on here, but I do want to say something about this story NY Times: U.S. Convoy Is Attacked in Iraq, Killing 1 Soldier and Wounding 6.

    It seems like almost everyday another American soldier is killed in Iraq.

    This is not right. Those men and women signed up to serve their country, not to be used like this. Especially now that the truth concerning the administration’s claims for the reasons for war are known, there is no reason that these men and women should have to die. These young people have so much in front of them, families to raise, dreams to live, people to love and care for them. They shouldn’t be dying, especially for something as stupid as this war.

    It’s time to wake up folks. Contrary to what Bush has said, the war is NOT over. Its time for the Peace movement go back to the street corners and the public venues to say BRING THE TROOPS HOME!