. . . a scam

    Just to warn y’all to avoid signing up for’s free trial of their service. I attempted to sign up for this and despite their website saying

      The Free Trial includes unlimited streaming and downloading over a 3-day period. You may cancel at anytime before the end of your Free Trial and your credit card will NOT be billed. If you are enjoying pressplay, do nothing, and your membership will automatically continue with a monthly fee of $9.95, for as long as you choose to remain a member. The Unlimited Plan provides unlimited streaming and downloading. You may burn songs to a CD or transfer songs to a portable device for less than $1 per track.

    . . . they attempted to charge my debit card $9.95. It looks to me they have some problems in the truth department. What is sad is that these lying corporate thieves get away with stuff like this all of the time.