Late night working

    Still working here at the law office tonight and listening to Robert Earl Keene. It sure is funny how much my life is different from when I first discovered. Back then I lived in beautiful San Marcos, Texas (one of my favorite places in the world to this day). I spent my weekend nights driving a pedicab in Austin, the rest of the time mostly goofing off. I was taking a journalism class at Southwest Texas State (soon to become Texas State University) but that was just an excuse to hang out on campus and write stuff for the newspaper when I felt the urge to. I spent a lot of time riding my bike in that old town with the golden sunlight baptizing me. I had a little garden there too (my first in several years). And of course there was the food. There was a little mom & pop fried chicken joint that I loved, a cafe on the square that served killer chicken tortilla soup, and a convenience store that sold every kind of beer known to man, especially those of Belguim, Germany and Texas. Anyway listening to REK brings back all of those memories. Those were some mighty good times.

    Of course I was dead broke most of the time down there too and if I had stayed down there I would have ended up like that sad character in REK’s song “Corpus Cristi Bay.” So I gues coming back to Oklahoma was a good thing after all, but it is funny how a place, even one you weren’t in forever grabs a hold on one’s soul. I don’t know how people live their whole lives without that feeling of connection. I would go slit my wrists in a week if I didn’t feel connected to somewhere.

    I know I’m overusing the metaphor tonight but loving a place and loving a woman ARE a lot a like. I would much rather fall in love and be broken hearted than to never have loved before, just like I would rather feel that haunting longing for a place one loves and is absent from, than to have never loved that place at all.