From a message board posting…

You hit the nail on the head. The money economy is a disaster.

That’s why I would aruge that the best way that we as individuals can better ourselves and the TRUE economy is to grow your own food.

I’ll give you a practical example… I have a decent sized garden (as much as I can tend with a busy work/school schedule), maybe 100 sq. ft. In the last couple of weeks I harvested a good number of heirloom tomatos, some jalapeno & bell peppers, and a whole bunch of potatoes (all organically grown). The produce would probalby have cost between $10-20 if I had bought it from a place that sold organic food.

Since I did not sell that produce but instead ate it (along with sharing some with my parents) no money changed hands. The GDP and all of the economic indicators weren’t affected at all. Most importantly NO TAXES WERE PAID.

Yet, there was profit. I broke even a long time ago on my costs for seeds and seed potatoes (but probably still in the hole on labor cost but since that’s recreational I won’t count that) but since no money was involved (or even trading) that profit is tax-free.

Now that is on a very, very small scale… but imagine if lots of folks did this. They started small but over time grew more and more of their own food so that some day every person in America grew all of their own produce (or if unable to do so bought their own produce from local folks who grew it).

Here are a few of the net results…

1. We would be closer to God from spending so much time out in creation tending our little garden plots.

2. The government would have less money to use in bad ways since the tax intake would drop.

3. If folks used responsible growing methods (composting, no chemical pesticides & fertilizers,etc) our nation’s weath in soil fertility would increase.

4. Fewer children would die from cancer because of the pesticides they put on our produce.

5. We would all be healthier since the foods we eat would be free from poisons and also have more vitamins. (especially if folks would grow heirloom self-pollinating varities)

But of course the Bush administration would hate this idea. This idea would likely hurt the GDP and wouldn’t help the stock market at all, yet we as a nation would be actually much more rich in the ways that count.