Some people are as dumb as bricks…

  • Fox 17 (Grand Rapids, MI): Greenville Church Burns the Bible
      August 3, 2003

      GREENVILLE — A church in Greenville thinks the Harry Potter books are part of an evil cult, so church leaders decided to have an old-fashioned book burning, but children’s books were not the only things that went into the fire.

      “They have changed it the key points in the Bible,” said Bishop Tom Turner Sr. of Jesus Non-Denominational Church in Greenville.

      “The majority of it’s probably the same, but it takes just a little bit to mislead people.”

      So the Book of Mormon, versions of the Bible, even the Catholic Rosary, all went up in flames.

      Church leaders say any Bible besides the King James version that they use, are distractions.

      However, religion experts say this is something very uncommon to West Michigan.

      Dr. Bastiaan VanElderen has been studying religion at Calvin College since the 1940s and has never seen anything like this here.

      “No, not at all,” said VanElderen. “I’ve heard a lot of harangs about differing viewpoints, but nothing of this caliber.”

      Still, pastors sight a passage from the book of Acts that mentions burning pagan literature.

      “So mightily grew the word of God and revailed,” said Tom Turner Jr.. “When did it prevail? When they burned them and made a public testimony that they are for God.”

      Book burnings aren’t a new part of our country’s history, but Dr. VanElderen says the last time he remembers burning Bibles was in the South in the 1950s.

    I first heard about this story on BTW, if you want to read the Catholic response to it read The Extreme Catholic Blog