Saturday’s Wrangler Protest

    Photos & a report about the protest can be found at

    All in all that whole day (yesterday, 8-08-03) was a very good day. One of my favorites of recent memory.

    I think my favorite part was a memory of last night. I was sitting in a lawnchair out in the backyard with a friend looking at the night sky. The clouds half concealed the moon, so that it poked its face 1in and out. Most of the time the moon was surrounded by a glowing circular halo of reflected moonlight, really almost a moon-rainbow with at least 3 or 4 colors discernible to the eye.

    As we continued to look up and see the clouds rolling across the Heavens, with dark clouds and white clouds, all set against the black sky the beautfy of the moment seemed perfect, but then it got even better. Right in front us, through a patch of open sky between the clouds, shot a falling star!

    Even now thinking about that moment with my friend, it seems almost too sacred, too sweet, too wonderful to express with mere words. It was as if God himself was smiling down on us at that moment.