Texas Republicans… Sheesh!

    Texas politics has always been mighty strange but it has reached new levels of goofiness with the recent decision of the Texas Senate Republicans to fine the missing Demos $1000 per day which will double each day to a maximum of $5000 per day. (see Statesman.com story- Senators approve fines for absent 11, Democrats given 2 days to return or pay thousands in penalties) They also have said that the fines must be paid from their own personal funds and that possibly they would not be allowed to vote in the Senate until the fines are paid. The Demos rightfully are refusing to pay.

    It is sad that it has had to come to this, but I support 100% the actions of the Demos to halt this gerrymandering process, that is designed by Perry and the Republican legislators to hurt several groups, namely Austin (by destroying Lloyd Dogett’s seat), rural Texans (by combining seats that are primarily rural with suburban seats) and Hispanics… can you imagine having the Valley and Austin in the same seat! This is pure idiocy.