Ashcroft Strikes Again, but this time the people won’t stay down!

    It looks like Ashcroft’s Department of Justice is proceeding with new efforts to exact fines ($20,000 this time) against Voices in the Wilderness for delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq. (the last volley in the court date has been filed in July and it looks like they are going for blood this time)

    I encourage everyone to speak out against this outrage but also to donate to VITW for Iraqi relief. They are attempting to raise $20,000 for relief efforts in lieu of said fines and have pledged that they “We will never use any of your donations to pay US penalties for performing works of mercy.”

    More details can be found on this campaign by clicking here.

    I have long been a supporter and friend of VITW delegates to Iraq and believe in what they are doing. To persecute them for acts of mercy and love is vile and wrong.

    To paraphrase and reappropriate Thoroueu for the present day… If delivering medical supplies to suffering children is a crime, then the only place for a just man or woman is in jail.