Politics and the World

  • MSNBC: Fox vs. Franken suit to start Friday – This is a case where Fox is suing to prevent Franken from publishing a book entitled, “Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right” because FOX has trademarked the phrase “Fair and Balanced.”

    Most folks of course think it is absurd that Fox was allowed to trademark a phrase like “fair and balanced” but I think it makes sense. It is kinda like McDonald’s trademarking the term “all beef patty.” Everyone knows McDonald’s hamburgers aren’t really 100% beef . . . but since it is a trademarked name “all beef patty” isn’t considered a factual claim, hence you can’t sue for false advertising. — Well I think it’s the same for Fox. 😉

  • MSNBC: Ashcroft mounts

    Patriot Act defense — Attorney general sets out to counter criticism that civil rights being violated
    — Sorry, but your dog and pony show isn’t convincing the people. We know the truth. The patriot act is ill-named. A more apt name would be the “Afraid of too much freedom Act” or the “A secure America means no privacy” act.

    Just ask the dozens of local and state governments that are now refusing to cooperate with Patriot Act requests. These folks know the truth and more folks are learning every day. We the people aren’t going to take the rise of fascism sitting down.

  • MSNBC: Bombing at U.N. HQ in Iraq kills 17 — Top U.N. envoy among the dead in suicide blast at Baghdad hotel

    This is tragic. Unfortunately those who are behind this attack are missing the boat completely. War is not the answer to the need for Iraqi liberation, and certainly attacks on civilian targets like the UN is vile and wrong. These kinds of actions are counter-productive and will only serve to extend the time that America occupies Iraq. If Iraqi nationalists want to see America leave Iraq, this is not the way to achieve that end.

    My hope and prayer is that more reasonable Iraqi people will step up to the plate and begin to work though non-violent direct means (such as what Ghandi used in India) to free themselves of both foreign and domestic tyranny. The Iraqis should have removed Saddam long ago through such means, but now that another occupying force is in place it is certainly time for the use of non-violent means.

    Besides the Iraqi extremists are missing the bigger picture. American soldiers (or the UN workers for that matter) are not the enemy of the Iraqi people. Their real enemy is the mindset that violence is the answer. Certainly I believe the war was wrong as do most Iraqis, but if that is the case you can’t take up the methods of your oppressors to win your freedom. You gotta be better them and thus far you’ve flunked the test. Surprise guerrilla attacks and the like are cowardly. The Americans you are killing are not your enemy. A lot of them don’t even want to be there, but they’re doing the best they can in a bad situation. Certainly some are bad people but most aren’t.

    My hope and prayer tonight is that true and women of peace will begin to speak and act in the Middle East. More violence and killing will not bring any good to this bad, bad situation.