More from Oklahoma

  • KFOR: Hueberts hope to tap in on state’s beer market— If you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. — This is very cool news but I’m surprised that for now Huebert is only planning on a lager. I think Okies have more refined tastes than gives them credit for.
  • On the Wrangler plant closing, KWTV has reported that Wrangler nows says they have delayed the plant closing until late November, however The Seminole Producer (scroll down to read the story) is reporting that the city of Seminole is proceeding with massive layoffs and cutbacks in anticipation of the closing. My guess is that Wrangler is playing a cruel game with their workers’ lives. There’s no telling when they will leave. It might be tomorrow for all we really know. — BTW, as far as the Wrangler protests we don’t know for sure what is the game plan yet. In my last conversation with the main organizer for the protest we decided to sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow what to do. My guess is that we’ll probably continue on, it’s just now we have to anticipate a much longer time of protesting. (at least it’ll be cooler weather in October and November) If any Seminole folks are reading this I would appreciate your thoughts on what we should do.