A new project

    Yesterday I started a new project… writing a book on the life of Jesus. It’ll be sort of commentary (laid out in chronological format using the four gospel accounts) but it will be geared towards the middle route between not being too elementary (as are most of the “layman’s” commentaries) and too academic. I especially hope to highlight many of the practical and social justice teachings of Christ.

    I know it sounds kinda crazy doing this during L-school but I think it will help me to keep my sanity (and my faith which I feel is pretty tenuous and nebulous right now) to do this. — (BTW, my earlier book idea is on hold for now. I’ve decided my own mind is to unsettled to write on the philosophical issues.)

    So far it has gone well. I’m at this point doing the preliminaries of disclosing my theological bias, my approach to meshing the chronologies.

    On issue that is yet to be resolved is which Bible translation I’ll use. I’m leaning towards using a public domain version like the American Standard Version of 1901 or the World English Bible. I could also write my own paraphrase but that could take forever to do.

    BTW, while I’m on the topic of theological writing I found an article on my Alma Mater’s (Austin Graduate School of Theology) website, Guide for Writing an Exegesis On a Biblical Passage. I really dig the approach the article takes and will be using it in a modified form for my book.