State of Oklahoma vs. Worldcom Inc., Bernard J Ebbers, Scott D Sullivan, David F Myers, Buford T Yates Jr, Betty L Vinson, and Troy M Normand

  • Criminal Felony case # CF-2003-4689 (case report
  • State’s economy could suffer blow in WorldCom case – There’s a quote from an OCU Law school prof in this case…
      Norwood P. Beveridge, a professor specializing in securities and corporate law at Oklahoma City University School of Law, said state securities laws pre-date federal laws, and violators have always been subject to parallel prosecution. Federal prosecutors and the SEC said they were “disappointed” Edmondson didn’t advise them of his plans to file criminal charges.

      “It’s perfectly proper,” Beveridge said. “If you go back in history, you can find instances of states taking a stronger stand than Washington.”