Guster. . . Live in Austin!

  • Yes, you heard it right. They’ll be in that fabled city on the Colorado on September 6th (for Austin City Limits!!!) AND on October 18th at Stubbs BBQ.

    If you can go, I beg of you go!!!! Guster is likable band on CD, but they are to DIE for live. They really are that good. I’ve been to a lot of good shows in Austin (Ska against racism tour, Godspeed you black emperor, et al) but my favorite of all was hearing Guster play at Stubbs back in 2001. It was a glorious moment that will radiate forever in my memory. (It really was that good.)

    BTW, if you’ve never heard Guster before go to their website ( to listen to their new album Keep it together (My favorite song is “Ramona” (a song about Miss Oklahoma missing Oklahoma).)