From the Sunday NY Times

  • NY Times: In California They Run. In Texas They Run Away – a good story on the plight that the Texas Senate Democrats have faced in their New Mexico exile
  • NY Times: Free to Marry, Canada’s Gays Say, ‘Do I?’
  • NY Times/AP: More Than 300,000 in Baghdad Mourn Cleric Killed in Bombing – This looks to have all of the ingredients of a situation that could become very unstable, very quickly. I think the US desperately needs to turn over Iraq to a UN-ran administration. I don’t see how things could much worse than they are now.
  • NY Times: Poor Nations Can Purchase Cheap Drugs Under Accord
      The breakthrough came earlier this week when the United States agreed to the original proposal it had rejected last December.

      Backed by the powerful American pharmaceutical lobby, the Bush administration had prevented the trade organization from adopting the measure, saying it should be restricted to a handful of diseases and limited to certain countries. The European Union and Switzerland, the other two delegations representing advanced pharmaceutical companies, had accepted the proposal.

      Nations from the developing world pointed out that without an agreement, there was little hope for success at new talks in the current trade round scheduled to begin in Cancun, Mexico, in September.

      This week the United States accepted the original proposal, but included the demand that such generic medicines could be imported to cure any life-threatening disease, so long as it was a public health emergency.

    I’m glad the Bush administration did the right thing but am appalled it took them so long to do it.