• MSNBC: Howard Dean surges into the lead — Polls, fund-raising efforts boost former Vermont governor

    At this point I think MSNBC is right. I think Dean is the leader and will likely win the nomination and I would argue is one of the few Democratic candidates who has a shot at beating Bush.

    The main issues of course that might still come into play will be whether the war situation improves significantly (which would favor a more moderate pro-war candidate like Lieberman) or if another issue comes to the forefront in which Dean is weak.

    I myself will not support Dean. I might vote for him in the general election if the Greens can’t get a candidate on the ballot in Oklahoma for Prez, but I’ll my nose doing it. Dean is not “progressive”*. He is for the continued war on drugs, he is for the death penalty, and he is for some wars (i.e. Afghanistan). He is also kinda mean to me and way too agressive. I much prefer Kucinich’s style and message.

    * By “progressive” I mean those who are green or very-liberal in their politics, with the key issues being opposition to violence of any form (war, death penalty, etc.) and support for social justice concerns.