US asks for UN help in Iraq

  • MSNBC: U.S. seeks greater U.N. role in Iraq —

    Washington starts circulating resolution for multinational military force

    For once, I think the administration is going the right direction. I think it is critical that the UN takes over this operation, however I do think it is a mistake for the US to insist that a US general lead this force. Hopefully Bush will rethink this plank of his proposal.

    In the end though, I think the sooner the US gets out of Iraq and turns the administration of Iraq over to a democratically elected leadership, the better off things will be. I also think, that despite Turkey’s complaints, Iraq should give serious consideration into splitting into two or more countries, including an independent Kurdistan. “Iraq” as a single nation was the construction of the British colonial powers. There is no reason besides fear that has kept this country together as one unit. Either Iraq should divide, or it should consider a Federal form of government (such we have in the US, Canada, and Australia) which allows for a seperation of powers between regional governments and a larger national government.