It looks like the Chronicle has done a pretty snazy website redesign. It looks good but it loads slow at least on the connection I’m on now.

South for the Marijuana: A Few Mexican Lessons About What Things Cost

A Tree Dies in Travis Heights – It is a glorious thing to see so many fight to save a single tree!

From the food-o-file: Save the Schlotzky’s Original

. . . However, I have to say that I still pine for the original chewy sourdough bread on the Original sandwich. Sandwich lovers who patronized the first (independent) Schlotzsky’s sandwich shop on South Congress Avenue have not been fooled by the small, limp imitation of the Original that the corporate guys have been serving for so many years now. The sandwich has gotten progressively smaller over the years, and, for a while, the filling all but disappeared. The filling is more substantial these days, and we were promised that the dark days of testing soft, spongy bread are now over, and the chewy sourdough buns will soon return. Here’s what I’ve got to say to Schlotzsky’s CEO John Wooley: Restore the Original. The empire was built on it, and all of the salads, wraps, and WiFi connections in the world can’t replace it. To quote fabled UT football coach Darrell Royal, it’s a good idea to “dance with who brung you.”