• I have some good news to report on the situation in Seminole (see OKIMC.org for background information on this). According to Friday’s edition of the Seminole Producer, last Tuesday evening 10 local townspeople gathered in front of the Wrangler plant to protest its closing with signs that said things like , “Don’t support child labor, protect American jobs.” This is a very exciting development because until this point many of the local people have been reluctant to protest openly against the plant shutdown. My friend Rachel and I (the folks who have been doing the Friday protests) are hoping to get in touch with these folks who did this new protest and join with them.
  • On the international front, this weekend has been an intense weekend with the giant anti-WTO protests in Cancun. According to Indymedia.org, the protestors have been vocal and prominent despite rampant police oppression.One of the most stirring (but also in my eyes tragic) forms of protest was a Korean farmer who committed suicide. This occured at a protest organized by Via Campesina.

    On a less sad note, there have been many protests in Cancun by both internationals and Mexican citizens including protests in “protected” zones designed to shield WTO delegates from having to talk to the protestors who are speaking on behalf of the poor of this world who are being exploited by corporate globalism.

  • On a final note, we (a committee of folks from the Oklahoma Green Party) are in the process of organizing an anti-globalism protest on the weekend of November 22nd, in solidarity with both the Miamai anti-FTAA (Free Trade Association of the Americas) protest and the School of the Americas Watch – Vigil and Nonviolent Civil Resistance Action at Ft. Benning, GA. This Oklahoma protest will be a chance for Oklahomans to speak out against corporate globalism and its effects of destroying local economies, exploiting impoverished countries, and provoking war and violence across the world.If you would like to help in the planning of this protest (we are hoping to organize a broad-based coalition for this), please contact me at jmb(at)jmbzine(dot)com.