• Jewsweek.com: Meet the Metrodox — Young, hip, and perennially guilt-ridden, a new wave of Gen-X Jews are walking the fine line between modern and Orthodox. A profile of a young Jewish community redefining what it means to be young, Jewish, and part of a community. I find this story really amusing because it seems so familiar. It sounds like the modern experience for practicing single Jews in their 20’s has a lot in common with the experience of single evangelical Christians in their 20’s. — Even the fleeing from more traditional communities to the Upper West side, reminds me of the experience of many of my evangelical friends who live in Austin, TX. That is the only place where I haven’t felt like I was was seen as a freak for being a 27 year old single guy.

    Religous communities are so whacked out in this regard. The pressure to marry only makes it more difficult to find someone IMHO.

    (Thanks to my old friend Jarin from Hope Arts for sending me this link via listserve.)