Here’s two stories on the return of the “New Mexico 10”:

  • BBC: Texas Democrats concede vote battle — Democrats in Texas have given up efforts to block a plan which they say is designed to reduce their numbers in Washington.
  • Senate adjourns before Democrats arrive — New Mexico 10 greeted with fanfare from galleryWell all I gotta say is thank you to the New Mexico 10 for their willingness to go all the way to protect representative democracy in Texas, but now it is time for round two. Let’s see if our Judiciary branch can save democracy in Texas (and for that matter in this nation since this entire mess is the fruit of the national GOP’s push to get more seats no matter what means are used)

    Shame on you Governor Perry for failing the people of your state, especially Hispanic and Rural Texans who will suffer because of your stance. Don’t think these folks won’t remember come election time. The day of reconing is coming sooner than you think. Texas will be majority hispanic in 20 years and then the Democrats will get the last laugh.