• MSNBC: Court puts off Calif. recall election — Appeals panel allows 7 days to appeal order

  • SaveBrian.org – the compelling story of a Moore, OK teenager who was the victim of the stupid “No tolerance” policies that are sweeping through the paranoid schools these days— To quote one of my old university profs, how can we teach our children to exercise their fundamental freedoms, if we deny them the chance to use those rights while they are young?

  • MSNBC: Musicians gather for Cash funeral Man in Black is buried in black coffin with silver handles

  • MSNBC: Consumer consumption Has the Atkins diet really transformed our economy?

  • MSNBC: UN action urged to protect Arafat

    What this should say is “US action urged.” The US has supported Israeli terrorism for too long. We shouldn’t be supporting any of the aggressors in this mess (remember it is American tanks that are knocking down Palestinian homes, and American fighter jets that are bombing Palestinian cities).

    Sharon is a terrorist, just as Arafat is. But, despite both of these leaders’ ties to terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Israeli army, continued violence is not the answer, and the assasination of Arafat would almost be a guarantee of serious conflicts in the future. Bush needs to put some serious preasure on Sharon to stop this foolish flirtation with total war.