NY Times: Malpractice Suits Capped at $750,000 in Texas Vote

    . . . Proposition 12 was opposed by trial lawyers and a broad sweep of law enforcement, environmental and citizen groups that said it would overturn the Texas Bill of Rights by limiting judicial review of malpractice claims, thereby closing off public access to the courts . . .

It is a sad day when the rights of the citizens to seek redress in the courts are limited. The doctors should have policed their own, but instead the backward, corporated controlled government of Texas, will allow bad doctors to continue to practice with impunity.

This amendment is also a slap in the face to the idea of juries and is undemocratic.

My hope is that this amendment will be struck down by the Federal judicary under the Equal Protection clause of the US Constitution.

BTW, here’s an op-ed piece on Proposition 12 by my favorite Texas populist columnist, Molly Ivins. (from the Creators Syndicate) (The column is archived at http://www.okimc.org/otherpress/display/164).

If only Texans had listened to her!