• Cancum IMC: Developing Countries Pull Out, WTO Talks Collapse

    This is tremendous news! It is in my eyes one of the first victories in the movement to free the world from the tyrany of corporate globalism as enforced by so-called “free trade.” This one event will have effects world-wide, even here in Oklahoma.Here are some more stories on the Cancun protests and today’s victory (what shocks me though is how little coverage this WTO meeting is getting. There is no story on this on the front page of the Washington Post, MSNBC, or CNN right now… this is ridulous. This is arguably one of the most significant stories of the year and it is getting buried. It looks to me that the media is doing exactly what their bosses are telling them to do…bury this story so they won’t be embarrassed by the courage of the WTO delegates from the third world who refused to be patronized and exploited)

  • BBC: Mixed feelings over Cancun collapse — Rich countries have expressed their regret at the failure of the Cancun global trade talks, with many calling for reform at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
  • NY Times: Poorer Countries Pull Out of Talks Over World Trade
  • NY Times: Farming Is Korean’s Life and He Ends It in Despair
      . . . But in rural communities like this one in southern South Korea, Mr. Lee, a three-time member of the provincial assembly, was seen as a heroic figure, a defender of debt-ridden farmers struggling to maintain an age-old agrarian tradition in a fast-developing country where manufacturing is king.”Mr. Lee committed suicide to save the farmers,” said An Sung Hyun, 65, a neighbor. “He sacrificed himself for farmers like me.”

      That sentiment is echoed in a new banner that greets drivers as they enter Jangsu. “The late Lee Kyung Hae, patriot and hero, we will follow your goal,” it reads. “We strongly oppose W.T.O. globalization.” . . .

  • The Guardian (UK): Blow to world economy as trade talks collapse