For any folks in the Little Saigon (Classen & NW 23rd) area of OKC, here are a few of my favorite coffee shops…

  • Wurdz (open only in the evenings, it is the Red Cup during the day time… also a great shop) is my favorite place these days. Very chilled out atmosphere plus the bonus of free Wi-fi with $2 purchase one of the few spots I’ve found in OKC). — In the evenings they have quite a few events for writers of all kinds.

  • Deli on the Labyrinth: 3214 N. Classen Blvd, OKC 405-602-3354, doesn’t have a website up yet but it is good place for hot teas and coffee. The feature of the place is their labyrinth that you can walk in the back.

  • Kamp’s Market, Market. 1310 Nw 25th St Oklahoma City, OK 73106, (405) 524-2251, also does not have a website but is a nice place to go to get fancy coffee, lunch, or even groceries (they have an excellent meat counter and organic foods section)