Well from reading some other bLAWgs out there, it looks like that there is beginning to develop a giant gulf between the different experiences of us all…

Suasponte and Jewish Buddha are both in the heat of the intereviewing process for the big dog big dollar law firms, Omer Poos is chilling out in the park (very good choice) and Who stole the tarts just passed the MPRE.

It’s so weird to me how universal the 1L experience is and how different the 2L, 3L (and for some of us 4L) experiences are. I guess that’s good (the 1L year was bad) but a little bittersweet too. There was something fun about knowing that you were going through the same torture that tens of thousands of 1L’s were going through, reading the same cases (mostly), etc.

I gotta say this though. I don’t get why everyone is in such a dither about the interviews with the big dog law firms. I don’t see how it is any fun to make loads of money if you don’t have any free time to spend it. I would drop out of L-school right now if I knew a big firm job was the only thing I could do. I may be foolish but I’m going the private practice route.

Oh, also on a very random note, Jewish Buddha has a whole slew of posts and comments on the Nalgene phenomenon. I gotta say I love my Nalgene bottle. I always assumed of course that its trendiness was a Hope Chapel thing (it seemed like everybody at my old church in Austin, TX had one) but I guess everyone in their monkey has one now. Even my little brother at Oklahoma State University is dogging me for being trendy and carrying one but that’s stupid. I like them because they last forever, good for the environment (no more disposable water bottles for me) and are great for making sun tea in. (I actually have two of them, one for water and one for tea).