(from an email forward, originally authored by John Friedrich on 9/12/03)

    Roughly 2/3 of Americans cannot name a single Democratic presidential candidate. The general election is, after all, more than 13 months away.. But now is the time many are starting to look for a Democratic candidate who is most strongly opposed to the disastrous policies of George W. Bush. If that describes you or someone you know, please pass along the following information:

    Only one candidate for President voted against the misnamed “Patriot Act.”

    Only one candidate plans to introduce legislation in Congress to repeal the “Patriot Act.”

    Only one candidate has declared without hesitation that he will vote against the Bush request for $87 billion in additional funds to continue the quagmire in Iraq.

    Only one candidate has submitted a bill to Congress that would establish genuinely universal health coverage — nonprofit national health insurance for all.

    Only one candidate will withdraw from corporate trade deals like NAFTA and the WTO, and replace them with fair trade agreements that include labor and environmental protections.

    Only one candidate has a plan to cut the bloated military budget by 15% ($60 billion annually) and invest those funds in universal child care.

    Only one candidate sued George Bush to stop him from going to war in Iraq without a Congressional Declaration of War.

    Only one candidate led opposition in Congress to the War in Iraq.

    Only one candidate has a plan to repeal Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and invest that money in a plan for universal public education, age 3-college.

    Only one candidate has pledged to break up corporate monopolies in agriculture, energy, media, and other sectors that are strangling farmers, the environment and the public.

    Only one candidate has pledged to not only sign the Kyoto Treaty on global warming, but to lead our country to 20% renewable energy by the year 2010.

    Only one candidate risked his political career by standing up to banks and a private utility company to save public electric power.

    Only one candidate has spoken out against the takeover of our water supply by large multinational corporations.

    Only one candidate has sponsored legislation establishing a cabinet-level Department of Peace to participate in policy discussions alongside representatives of the Departments of State and Defense.

    Only one candidate has a 98% lifetime pro-union voting record — highest of all candidates as ranked by the AFL-CIO.

    Only one candidate is calling for “living wages,” not just minimum wages.

    Only one candidate has a plan to put Americans back to work with major investment programs to rebuild schools, roads, bridges, ports, sewage, water and environmental systems.

    Only one candidate stands firmly against the privatization of Social Security and for returning the Social Security retirement age to 65.

    Only one candidate has introduced legislation to repeal the Federal death penalty.

    Only one candidate has been endorsed by Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco, Studs Terkel, Ed Asner, Hector Elizondo, Barbara Ehrenreich, Arun Gandhi, Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry’s) and Granny D (who walked across the country for campaign reform at age 89).

    One and only one candidate has taken the above positions.

    It may not be who you think it is.

    You may not have heard much about him.

    His name is Dennis Kucinich, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

    Find out what the corporate-dominated media aren’t telling you: http://www.kucinich.us

    To donate to Kucinich for President: https://www.kucinich.us/contribute.php