I’m posting several links regarding the constitutionality of the requirement for protest permits (mostly so I can find these references later) as the situation in Seminole with our weekly protests is beginning to get difficult.

I can’t give more details now but hopefully we’ll be able to later in the week once we get some legal advice.

I know this though, we will not be silenced. The right to speak and “peaceably asemble” is something that cannot be compromised.

  • United for Peace and Justice vs. City of New York City, et al

  • Controlling Public Protest: First Amendment Implications
    By Daniel L. Schofield, S.J.D. Special Agent Schofield is the Unit Chief of the Legal Instruction Unit at the FBI Academy

  • Augusta Chronicle: Protest fight hits court — Augusta defends decision on Masters demonstrations

  • Anti-Defamation League — responding to extremist speech