I haven’t talked much about my spiritual life lately (mostly because of the uncertainty and difficulty of it) but one thing that has helped during this last week is that I’ve begun practicing the rule of the Iona community and am now an associate member of the community.

It is really nothing complicated or strenuous, all that is required is daily Bible study and daily prayer for members & associates of the community along with common concerns. It sounds so simple and yet it has been so good. It’s hard to explain but somehow it is gloriously empowering to know that I am praying for people and situations on the same day that over 1000 others are praying as well. — It almost feels like there is a tangible bond across the miles and the oceans as our hearts reach out together in the same direction.

I also really dig the particular emphasis of concern of the community, for social justice, for peace, for ecumenical unity, all through the lens of a holistic view of Christian spirituality.

Beyond this though things are still not where I would like them to be. I feel like my everyday lifestyle is so far out of whack with the values I believe in. I know it is not good to hate oneself but sometimes it is hard not to when you see the inconsistency with my internal and external lives.