• Findlaw.com: Protecting the Right to Protest Discrimination — Law Schools Sue the Defense Department

    I hope the schools win this law suit. I don’t think it is right that schools like OCU have to violate their own anti-discrimination policies by allowing military recruiters to come on campus.

  • Also while talking about the subject of gay rights, for the first time ever, OCU now has a chapter of the LGLSA (Lesbian & Gay Law Students Association) and the SBA granted them full recognition as a student organization. However, the bad news is that I’ve heard several students badmouthing this group and wanting to cut off SBA funding for this group in coming years.

    Whether you agree with the agenda for the LGLSA, I think the idea of cutting off funding for them is whack. The members of this group pay student fees just like anybody else and deserve to receive their fair share of these funds put into a group that represents their interests. It is no different than the ethnic law student groups or the legal field-specifc groups.