Tonight, I saw again a wonderful movie Still Breathing. It was nice seeing it again.

I first saw the film I guess it was while I was still living out at the farm but in the process of moving to Newcastle and loved in then, so I was super-jazzed to find it for sale cheap at Blockbuster.

Anyway the movie is so good. I so dig the lighting of everything (every movie filmed in that magical land of Central Texas from Austin to San Antonio and westward is just so painfully beautiful. I can’t explain it except to say that I think the sun shines at a perfect angle so that it has the right degree of goldeness there.

I especially love the last scene as the two lovers are floating down the idylic San Marcos River (the shortest river in North America, located wholely within the bounds of the city of San Marcos, TX). That river has such a gleaming crystal clear color with the tall green river grass (not sure what it is called) lazily drifting downstream with only its roots keeping itself anchored.

And of course I love any movie that shows true love. I know watching romantic movies is probably not the healthiest thing in the world when singleness appears to be the lot I’ve drawn for the near future but sometimes I just get tired of being alone. I know of course that being with someone isn’t everything (the loneliest place in the world is to be “with” someone who is not present in the moment with you) but I guess it is the desire of being with the right someone that I yearn for.

And of course the loneliest feeling of all is being in love but still being alone. . . sad as it is sometimes the only way to live is vicariously.

OK, that’s enough for tonight. I’m making myself depressed which I don’t need any help doing.

On to other thoughts… tomorrow should be a good day. I’ll be in Seminole, OK doing a little work around lunch time for my Dad and then after that I’ll be doing the Wrangler protest with a friend. (definitely the highlight of my week… at least then I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile that has meaning)