A friend of mine and I are looking at the feasibility of building a primitive cabin of some kind with the focus being on doing it cheaply and simply. Mostly we’re thinking about this because life in the city as a part of the wage economy is such an oppressive thing. I don’t know if it is possible to ever be completely free from that system but it certainly is something to think about. (the kicker is always timing… even done cheaply it would still take a lot of saving to do this w/o a mortage)

Anyway, here are a few links I’ve found on this subject…

  • Popular Mechanics (July 2001): Plans for the Super Shed — a possibility might be to expand these plans to build a larger one room home

  • Mother Earth News: The Charm of Cordwood Construction — Fashion a fabulous home from firewood

  • (Book) Retreats: Handmade Hideaways to Refresh the Spirit by G. Lawson Drinkard, Jon Golden (Photographer) – a delightful book for dreaming a little… it definitely gives me tons of ideas on what is possible, particularly if you throw convention on what a “house” looks like plump out the window

  • (Book) Five Acres and Independence by Maurice G. Kains – an excellent primer on small farming, written in 1935. It has been reprinted and reprinted lots of times and is as relevant today as it was then. — Best of all, it only costs $7.95 (new) and contains almost 400 information packed pages