• MxPx is on the cover of this month’s HM Magazine. Unfortunately Doug and all of the homies at HM only put a tantalizing tidbit of the story on the website which SUCKS!(It’s crazy how long it has been since I’ve read that zine. I’m so far out of that scene these days which is kinda sad but I guess inevitable too.)
  • Also in this issue is a review of the DVD of King of the Hill: The Complete First Season. Here’s a quote from it that I found to be priceless…
      In the “Hank’s Got The Willies” episode, Hank laments to Willie Nelson over his son’s lack of ambition: “Bobby’s got no direction in life, no heroes. When I was his age, I worshiped you. Well, and Jesus, of course.” “
  • Last of all, since I’m thinking of Willie Nelson here’s a few clips of him in some recent ads he made for the Kucinich for President campaign and NORML. — I gotta say Hank Hill is right. I love Willie Nelson.