Life in Oklahoma today is rather bleak and dreary. The weather is pretty cool (50’s are the highs), the sky is grey… everything is still green though since we have not had a freeze yet but that is fast approaching… probably in late october I reckon. — On a random note, I did go and buy a jacket today. I meant to buy just a light jean jacket (my old one which has made it through 7 winters is nearing its end) but when I got to Sheplers to get one, my choices were either to buy a Wrangler jacket (which I can’t do in good conscience since they are destroying Oklahoma right now with their plant closings) so instead I got a Carhartt work jacket. It cost quite a bit more than I wanted to spend but it is made in the USA and will be well worth if it will last me 5-10 years.Thinking about the weather I have not had a chance to go camping this fall and before long it will be getting mighty chilly to do so. My main camping buddy and I had talked about doing a weekend trip this fall to Lake Tenkiller or maybe up to Osage State park but not sure if that will happen or not. — Of course camping in the fall is fun if you have a big fire going. (I just need to invest in a fall or winter weight sleeping bag)

What else do I want to say… I’m not sure why I feel the need to write this stuff but I will anyway. Why not? That’s what a blog is for, even if it is to say that life sucks and you want to say something cheering to yourself but don’t know what that something would be. I’m just tired of school, work, everything. I am so looking forward to moving to the country after graduation, either with someone or by myself. This urban grind is wearing me down.