Just wanted to let all progressive-leaning Okies know that Congressman Dennis Kucinich is stopping in Oklahoma City for a brief Presidential campaign stop (It will be a busy day for him, as he has stops planned at Albuquerque, NM; Austin, TX (at the Hilton-Austin Airport, 9515 New Airport Drive); Oklahoma City (3 p.m. @ Wiley Post Airport, NW 55th & Rockwell); Minneapolis; and Chicago!)

I am quite excited because the Oklahoma event organizers have asked 4 local representatives to ask Dennis questions on local issues… and I (with my friend/partner in protest, Rachel Jackson) will get to ask him a question on NAFTA in light of the situation in Seminole!

If you’re in the area come on out. If not, you might check C-Span as we heard they MIGHT be filming part of the day’s campaign stops.