Well everyone knows the results and it looks like Arnold is now the new Guv-elect of California.My prediction… there will be at least one lawsuit filed against him for libel and possibly criminal charges filed against him before his term is up. I doubt he’ll be impeached or recalled since the remainder of his term is short, but I do think he’ll be a giant embarrassment for California and the GOP.

But on to happier subjects, Green party candidate Peter Camejo came in 4th place with 209,663 votes (according to vote totals on Foxnews). This is a tremendous vote count for a Green Party candidate and is a good sign for the future of the Green party in California.

No word yet on the vote count for one of the longshots that I found to be interesting, Georgy Russell. However her website reports that she was assaulted by several members of the Arnold Schwarzenegger campaign.