NewsOK/AP: Episcopalian Group Repudiates Gay StanceIt looks like things are coming to a head with the American Anglican Council (a conservative Episcopal faction) moving closer and closer to division from the Episcopal Church, USA.

I think unless something changes this division is inevitable, however what might complicate things further is that much of the Third world that is Anglican is of the conservative persuasion. It’s hard to know whether this will be a global split or whether the Anglican communion will be big enough to keep everybody under one tent.

I personally am saddened by all of this. I really have come to dig a lot of what Anglicans do, especially with the OKC Episcopal churches being so supportive of the OKC Spiritual Walks for Peace that took place during the war against Iraq. I hope and pray for the sake of this church’s work for peace and justice that these divisions can be mended.