MSNBC: Top terrorist hunter’s divisive views — General casts military, anti-terror efforts in religious terms What bothers me about this story (besides the subject itself, General Boykin should be fired for his innane remarks) is that MSNBC makes the point of calling Boykin an “evangelical Christian” as if that is to say that all “evangelical Christians” are small-minded people like him.

Call him a fundamentalist if you want but don’t call him an evangelical. (for a clear delineation of these terms read the Slate story, How Prayers Poll
Debunking myths about the religious right

Evangelicalism does not equate with political conservativism or small-mindedness. I know many intelligent Evangelicals (including some of my most faithful readers of my blog) who are not cubbyholded into simplistic political platitudes or small-minded statements like what Boykin said.

And I am far from conservative politically but generally lean more in an Evangelical direction religiously.