Here’s what I posted to the OKGreens list about what is going on…

    Seminole Protest Cancelled – Friday, Oct. 17th ONLYJust wanted to let y’all know that Rachel and I are taking tomorrow
    off from the weekly protest schedule at the Wrangler plant in
    Seminole. We hate to take off but we gotta long ways to go until the
    plant closing in November and since this is fall break @ Seminole
    State this looks like as a good time as any for a break.

    We will back next Friday at the usual time (2:30-4:30 p.m.).

    Also on another note, watch Fox 25 in OKC for their 9 pm newscast on
    Friday as they may be running a story about the situation in
    Seminole (at least that is the latest we’ve heard from them). Rachel
    and I were both interviewed earlier in the week but the story was
    held until now because of the baseball playoffs.