I found out via Info Bong (a fellow contributor to AustinBloggers.org) that the collegiate products licensing folks are going after the folks who sell the caps at OU that have the UT-Longhorn upside down (more about this on in the OU campus newspaper).What I find funny about this how much OU people love to rip on UT people. Texans fans just don’t care that much. OU is a rival but is not the big one. A&M… that’s the big rivalry.

What is even more funny though is that I swear more UT-Longhorns stickers are sold in Oklahoma (to Sooner fans to stick on their cars upside down) than there are in Texas.

What is even more funny than that, is that in most cases the royalties on the money those good ol’ Sooner fans spend on those stickers goes to… guess who… the University of Texas at Austin!