• Just saw an ad today for The Matrix: Revolutions. I forgot that it will be coming out so soon (Nov. 5th).I am looking forward to it. I hope it can continue the level of incredible techinical mastery of Reloaded but maybe move in a more cerebral direction (as in the original movie). I really, really dug the first movie but in time have grown disappointed with a lack of depth in the second movie and frankly the lack of enlightenment that Neo showed at this stage in his journey. I took the first movie as showing Neo as a messiah figure who had achieved a great state of enlightenment, but then the second movie made Neo look like he was driven mostly by his appetites. The sex scene did not seem genuine at all. It seemed more like merely the release of a frustration than an act of genuine lovemaking. — In fact, in general the sexual element of Reloaded disturbed. The “Children of Zion” seemed to be a lot more intent on having giant orgies than in anything resembling the reestablishment of civilization. For that matter, where were the children? The only kids we see are the orphans off in their little cloister. Otherwise there are no other children at all. What kind of world is this supposed to be.

    Anyway, I’m still holding out hope for the last one. There was lots of good stuff in Reloaded so it wasn’t a complete waste but I do hope that Revolutions takes this story in a more creative and compelling direction.

  • On a side note, Revolutions is going to be showing on IMAX screen in Tulsa! It would be so wicked cool to see the Matrix there.