I haven’t posted a lot lately, mostly because I’ve been writing like crazy on my latest book protect but also because I don’t have much to say. Politics has me pretty down at the present moment and I just am choosing to ignore it to some degree. There’s just too much to be mad about and I almost feel like outspoken opposition to the current regime gives the system more legitimacy than it deserves. I guess it is just hard to stir up desire to change a system that you don’t really believe in anymore.On a happier note I am working towards preparing for a more rural autonomous life down the road. I have decided that I’m going to be doing some market gardening next year (maybe growing salad greens, herbs, and heirloom tomatoes to sell through the Oklahoma Food Cooperative). To prepare for that I’m setting up some florescent grow lights at my home so that I can grow my own plants from seed.

That’s all that’s worth saying for now. Law school sucks but that’s nothing new. It is getting close to finals time so I’ll be cranking soon on my outlines but at least that means I only have a month more of stupid classes to go to. After finals are over in early December I think I’m going to head out for awhile to be myself. Maybe head to the mountains and sleep in my truck if it’s not too cold by then.

Next Sunday will also be last Sunday preaching for awhile. I will miss doing that a lot but it will be relief on my schedule to not have to always be writing sermons all of the time.