Well as of this week I’m starting my finals study routine. It’s hard to get my mind into it (particularly when there are so many other interesting things to think about) but I know it won’t be long until the tests come (and I have a glorious break to look forward to after that).

One thing I am going to do different this semester is change my smoking habits. I usually do pick up smoking for the few weeks before finals, but last spring I smoked way too much. Probably not healthy to smoke that much and it certainly ain’t cheap either.

So this go around I’m only going to smoke my pipe. I think the pipe is better for you than cigs and is also much, much cheaper. (pipe tobacco is the world’s best bargain) I can probably last the entire length of finals on $4 worth of pipe tobacco, which would only buy me 2 days worth of cigs.

I guess it is bad to rely on vices during finals but to me it makes the whole experience more bearable. Finals itself is such a heinous, heinous thing, but the one good thing is that at least I won’t have to go anymore stupid classes after next week. I’m so sick of sitting in class (even the interesting ones are incredibly tiresome this time of year).

On to other subjects… winter has most definitely arrived. It doesn’t feel as cold as I thought it would though because the humidity is low. Wet air always feels colder than dry air.

Also for any folks interested, the folks from the Oklahoma Independent Media Center (www.okimc.org — but the site is down right now) are working on doing a print magazine/newspaper starting in January. I’m going to be working on this some and am very excited about the project. If this is something that would interest you please check out our web-based message board to join the conversation (the message board is hosted on this site)