This has been an unusual Thanksgiving time for this year. My family had planned to celebrate the holiday today (Friday) instead of on Thursday because of conflicts with my brother’s in-laws/g’friend’s family Thanksgiving celebrations.

But as luck would turn out my parents and the twins (I am the oldest of five sons (age 27). I have two adult brothers, one who is 25 & one who is 19. I also have two twin brothers who are 4.) all got very sick with the junk that is going around so the Thanksgiving plans were cancelled. I did go by their house to get some turkey and ham to take to my place to eat but didn’t hang out there long as I was afraid of catching whatever they had before finals.

So anyway, this year I’ve spent the holiday on my own. Of course there’s tons I need to study on but I’ve had a hard time getting my head into it. For whatever reason I’ve felt very lonely these last few days. Probably part of it is the cancelled family get-together, but part of it too is just my single state of life is getting to me.

90% of the time I really like being single. It’s nice to have my time really be my own time and to be free to live my life in whatever way it takes me, but sometimes the freedom seems rather hollow. I know there’s lots of good things in my life but they all seem not quite real if I don’t have someone to share those things with. I don’t know. I think I could accept the celibacy part of being single (I’m just not into meaningless sex.) but it is the loneliness that I don’t think I can take. — Which is weird for me to say because I am a very introverted person in many ways.

Anyway… enough melodrama about my life. Thanksgiving day I did go over to Hometown Buffet for lunch and ate lots of turkey. I thought it would be pretty empty except for a few other single folks alone for the holidays but actually the place was packed. Mostly big families who I guess didn’t want to cook. It seems strange and sad to me that folks aren’t cooking Thanksgiving meals anymore, then I again maybe it’s not so sad because I know for many families the big meal is a big stress for the women in the family, particularly since the men don’t do jack squat for preparations.