Here’s an an excerpt that I found from the Kucinich campaign newsletter that is rather interesting and disturbing:

    ARE THE POLLS WRONG ABOUT KUCINICH?That’s the headline of an article at that shows that the website is the second most read presidential campaign site, and which presents other reasons to believe Kucinich’s low ranking in some polls is misleading. Here’s the article.

    Yesterday, disappeared from Google and other search engines. We have reason to believe that someone sent very numerous requests to search engines requesting that the site be listed (which it already was), and that as a result it was removed. Google considers programs that submit to hundreds of search engines at once as spam and removes sites using these tools from its indexes. It’s unlikely but conceivable that this was even done by an overzealous supporter.

    The last thing you should do is contact the search engines. We’re doing so. But you should do this right away: put a link to www.kucinich.uson any website you control, and make the link use the words “Kucinich for President,” and put the address in the signature of your Emails. Despite this setback, the site had its biggest day ever yesterday, so this is no time to get disheartened!