• The big news today of course is the capture of Sadamm Hussein. I have nothing to say about it other than to say I’m glad to see him captured (and hope to see him brought to justice) but more importantly I hope this signals the beginning of the end of the war in Iraq. Far too many have already died. It’s time for this war to end.
  • ABCNews.com: Democrats Meet for Final Debate of Year — Democratic Hopefuls Meet for Final Debate of Year in Shadow of Gore EndorsementI caught a rerun of this debate last night and saw the latter half of it. From what I saw, I thought Clark did better I expected him to. I didn’t care for Dean (particularly his dismissive attitude towads the conversations concerning Iraq… btw, if this is not crystal clear by now, Dean is not anti-war and he is not a progressive. Why the media keeps telling us this is beyond me, but it is not true.)

    I was impressed very much with two candidates in particular, Kucinich (no surprise there) who nailed Dean on Iraq (The K-man said that Dean was missing the picture, because domestic issues are directly related to Iraq because our bloated military budget is keeping money from critital social programs) and Carol Mosley-Braun. I liked Carol because she reiterated that it is Congress’ job under the Constitution to declare war and that she would never strike first as President without a formal congressional declaration of war.