I had my Crim Pro final today. I think it went well but I guess we’ll see. I do think my exam prep this year is going better than last year’s, which is odd because I’m studying less. I think though I’m getting a better knack at knowing how to study… but of course you never know with law finals. RIght now I might be feeling good about it but come report card time I find out that the prof gave me a big fat F. There’s just no telling.

Now there’s just one left— Bankruptcy. I’m really looking forward to that being over. As soon as I finish that one I’m going to take a friend out to dinner to celebrate (I think we’re going to check out Redrock Canyon Grill. It’s supposed to be pretty nice place located right on Lake Hefner which should be fun. Another friend told me that if you’re there at sunset they actually applaud when the sun goes down which I find downright charming.). It will be so nice to be done with all of this. 🙂