I got one more final tomorrow @ 2 p.m. (bankruptcy) and boy will I be glad to see it done. I am so ready for some freedom.

The break itself looks like it will be a fleetingly brief time of glory. It’ll kick off tomorrow evening with having dinner with an old friend and then after that one more day of work at the computer lab (but that won’t be bad since they’ll be no studying to do) on Thursday.

Then on Saturday some of my extended family (on my Dad’s side) is getting together for a Christmas thing at my parents’ house. That should be fun as we haven’t had all of them together in awhile and then on Sunday after church I’m going carolling with the folks at Joy Mennonite church. (we’re going to Veteran’s Hospital in OKC)

The next week (the week of Christmas) should be ok. On Christmas eve I think I’m going to lead a special Christmas-themed service at my parent’s church in Newcastle (I’m looking forward to that) and then on Christmas day we’re having a family get-together with my more immediate family (my folks, my brothers (along with their wives/g’friends and kids). In the midst of all of the family get-togethers I’m hoping to have a little time to work on catching up on house cleaning and maybe do some writing. Oh and some where in there I gotta do some Christmas shopping. I think I have only bought one present thus far.

From there I’m not sure what is going on with the rest of the break. I had thought about coming down to Austin to see old friends and soak up the good Austin vibes but $ is a hinderance (and the weather won’t be nice enough to do lots of my favorite Austin things), so I’m thinking I’m going to wait until the bluebonnet blooming season to head down there. (actually I’m thinking right now that I’m going to be super-careful with my absences next semester so I can take off an extra week for Spring break… that would be super cool.)

So who knows… I would like to travel some though for sure. I have a winter weight sleeping bag now (supposed to be good down to 15 degrees F) so I might just load up my Chevy Blazer and hit the road for a few days. I guess it’ll depend on the weather though, but I do want to get out of town and have some reflective time before jumping into the fray for the spring semster. I do feel very strongly that now is the time to make some significant changes in my life (this desire has been building for some time but is reaching a higher level of intensity of late) so maybe New Year’s is a good time to make the next steps in that process? (I may be weird like this but New Year’s is my favorite holiday. I know everyday is a new day full possibilities but New Year’s feels esepcially pregant with possibilities for good 🙂