One thing I learned during the finals time was that the human mind has incredible potential for learning. I look back at what we all learned to prepare for those stupid finals and I stand amazed. It is flat out astonishing to see what the human mind is capable of.

But what really blows me away is that most of all are not learning this material by choice. We are stuffing our minds full of legal junk because it is in the required curriculum and we gotta do good in a class, and know enough of it so that when we do the Bar exam (with the help of special review schools like BarBri and the like) we can pass that exam. Yet it is hard to get hopped on this because we know the odds are that 90% of what we are learning in class will NEVER be used in our practice when we get out and much of it is as dull as a bag of rocks (thanks to the lifeless heartless way that the traditional law school experience has turned the socratic method into something vile and distasteful).

Anyway here is what blows my mind right now… what if I applied my mind to other subject areas that I really do care about, the way I have to apply my mind to the law?

The possibilities are unbelievable when you think about it and I am resolving to not let those possibilities just sit there but instead I’m going to try them out.

So, the first step in this grand (but mad experience) is that I’m going to get serious about learning the Tsa La Gi (Cherokee) language. I’ve tried multiple times in the past to do this. I have books ( ), I have tapes, there is no excuse why I have not progressed more in this than I have to this point.

This is frankly inexcusable. I should know this language. My ancestors spoke it but it’s been lost in my family, and for Cherokees as a whole only about 10,000 speak the language today. (a tremendous number compared to other Indian languages but linguists say that this number is still not sufficient to ensure the language’s survival)

So no more… I start tomorrow with earnest.

In that light I’m going to be posting some Tsa La Gi vocabulary words to this blog. (I’ll start a new blog category for these posts.) If you find that boring then just skip those posts. In time I also want to start writing in Tsa La Gi. There is little modern written literature in the language (the great work in the language is Samuel Worchester’s translation of the New Testament from the early to mid 1800’s) so I would love to write in the language. But in the meantime you gotta crawl before you walk so I’ll start with vocabulary words.