MSNBC: Cuba attacks Guantanamo use for prisoners — Calls holding center for terror suspects a ‘concentration camp’Castro’s criticism of the use of Guantanomo Bay for the detention of “terrorist” suspects is long-overdue but unfortunately not get the attention it ought to due to his past hyperbolic statements (if you ever listen to Radio Habana Cuba on shortwave you’ll know what I mean)

But what is more noteworthy about this story was the American response to it. Here’s one excerpt…

    However, U.S. officials have repeatedly argued that the prisoners were being well treated.”Should our servicemen and women be in the same position, I would hope they would be treated in the same humane manner,” Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, commander of the detention mission at Guantanamo, told The Associated Press in an interview earlier this year.

Sheesh! I’ve been complaining for some time about how the administration does not appear to care much about the well-being and safety of American troops but this is beyond what I imagined. Think about this for a second… what would the American people think if another nation had captured American soliders and put them on tv being forced to kneel on the ground with a sack of their head, being forced to live in cages like animals. If THIS is what the administration think is good treatment for American GI’s then I think our young people need to know this before they sign up for a stint with Uncle Sam. Obviously, the administration is on the record saying that they would not complain if American soldiers are treated like this.

Of course in the end, I don’t care what nation prisoners come from. All captured soldiers should be accorded with Geneva Convention rights (at the bare minimum) and have the opportunity to have their day in court once they are removed from the combat area.